Location: Acatenango, Guatemala 

Farm: El Zapote 

Type: Geisha 

Altitude: 1600 MASL

Processing: Washed

Cupping Note: Dark Chocolate, Butter, Smoky 


Finca Zapote is a legendary farm. Located about 80 kilometers from Guatemala City, it has belonged to the Meléndez family for more than 100 years, the current owner being the fourth generation. The farm is in Acatenango, which is the eighth microclimate of Guatemala. Acatenango was officially designated a geographic micro-climate in 2006 after many years of recognition for distinguished coffees, the volcanic soil providing optimum development of the plants and cherries distinctly concentrated in sugars.

Geisha coffee is a unique single strain that has been dominating the coffee competitions and top cups as of late. One just took the place of the worlds most expensive coffee from the recent Best of Panama competition going for over $1000/lb! Common for top grades out of Panama (not that competition winner) usually sell in the $40-$80/lb range. Although tasty, that is too expensive for our list.

Do not worry, this great cup comes at a much smaller price.  With the success of Panamanian Geisha, every other country is readily adopting the strain. Guatemala is apparently having some lovely success and at a way better price.  This is the first Guatemalan Geisha to make the cut of quality versus price, a wonderful and exotic cup.


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