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EADA Coffee

Our passion became reality with our first roasting establishment named Parker St Coffee Roasters in East Vancouver, BC, and was derived mainly to serve our retail cafe businesses. Born anew and based on our desire to produce the freshest, most delicious, locally roasted quality beans with the coffee connoisseur in mind, Hayan Mug Cafe was established next, all under the name of EADA Coffee Roasters.   


Our focus is to produce the boldest blends and customized flavor profiles through continuous research and rigorous testing. Being engaged in our local community, we operate alongside our customers to craft a diverse range of flavor complexities and adjust to desired preferences, from new or niche trends to traditional tastes.  


By researching the finest specialty beans and using precise techniques, we strive to deliver a cup of coffee with an exquisite aroma, unforgettable sensory experience, all while preserving a very well-balanced body to serve and satisfy various taste buds across the community.

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